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Niswonger Children’s Hospital Brand Guidelines

Our brand is the face we present to our community to show who we are and what we promise to do. Our brand is the culmination of every impression that helps us — as a part of our community — engage with supporters, patients and advocates. It represents the pride and passion that we display in the work we do, and how we distinguish ourselves as the leader of pediatric care in the region. You may download the full version of our brand guidelines here for your reference.

Our Brand: Where Hope Rises
Niswonger Children’s Hospital is a place of hope, dedication and a commitment to serving our community. We are leaders in healthcare for children in our 29-county service area. When people experience our brand they should feel:

  • Confident they are receiving the best care possible at the hands of experienced, knowledgeable pediatric professionals
  • Valued as a partner in the healing process
  • Inspired to make informed choices to achieve the best possible outcomes

Written Communications
In all our written communications, the Niswonger Children’s Hospital tone should reflect the optimism, innovation and dedication that are fundamental to our mission. While we are confident and knowledgeable, we must communicate in a way that is warm and approachable; never condescending.

Logo Usage
Our brand must consistently tell the Niswonger Children’s Hospital story in a compelling and encouraging way. Use of the Niswonger Children’s Hospital logo/brand is granted on a case-by-case basis only to direct services and other organizations or sponsors who have a collaborative relationship with Niswonger Children’s Hospital. Requests for specific use of the logo or brand of Niswonger Children’s Hospital can be initiated by contacting Kara Keys, Niswonger Children’s Hospital Marketing Manager, 423-431-2018,